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Plantation Bankruptcy Attorneys Offer Debt Relief Solutions

Accomplished Plantation firm protects people and companies from collectors

For many Florida residents who find themselves deep in debt, the reason is often an event beyond their control, such as a job loss or serious medical issue. If you are in this situation, you do have the power to stop harsh collection tactics such as lawsuits, wage garnishment and foreclosure. At Miller, Hollander & Jeda in Plantation, we advise Fort Lauderdale-area clients on a full range of bankruptcy and debt-relief matters. Our attorneys have 35 years of combined experience representing clients throughout Florida, so we are able to identify the right strategy for dealing with your personal or business financial challenges. If you cannot make the payments you owe, many options exist within and outside the bankruptcy process. No matter how complicated or dire your circumstances seem, we will evaluate your situation and guide you toward a successful outcome.

Established attorneys provide comprehensive bankruptcy representation

Since 1992, our firm has provided authoritative bankruptcy advice to individuals and businesses in Florida. We examine each situation closely and counsel clients on each relevant aspect of the law, including:

  • Liquidation — During Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee sells your nonexempt assets and uses the proceeds to pay your creditors. Our lawyers can explain which property is not included.
  • Reorganization — If you are considering business bankruptcy, maintaining your company’s ability to earn money is usually crucial to resolving your problems.
  • Exemptions — Though bankruptcy can eliminate most of your debt obligations, you could remain liable for certain items, such as back child support, taxes, and student loan payments. We will explain how the law applies to your case and if you are eligible to challenge the exemptions.

Whatever type of help you need, we make sure that your questions are answered promptly so that you can take decisive action.

Dedicated advisers work to establish fair repayment plans under Chapter 13

A medical crisis, divorce, job loss or other life-altering event can take you out of your repayment schedule and trigger unpleasant calls from collectors. Even if you’re earning income now, it might not be enough to catch up on the payments you’ve missed. When this occurs, or if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for Chapter 7 liquidation, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the harassment and establish a reasonable repayment plan.

Skilled attorneys litigate Chapter 12 proceedings for farmers and fishers

Farmers and fishers face special market pressures because their businesses can be decimated by weather and other factors completely out of their control. Chapter 12 bankruptcy is a legal proceeding specially designed for these businesses. Under this provision, you can often keep the assets you’ve worked so hard for and obtain a reduction in your debt load. Not every debt relief law firm understands how to obtain this special type of protection, but our extensive experience gives those who farm or fish for a living the comprehensive support they deserve.

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