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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Plantation Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

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When there is no reasonable way to repay what you owe, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers you a chance to rebuild your credit and get a fresh start. At Miller, Hollander & Jeda in Plantation, our Florida lawyers draw on 35 years of combined legal experience and can take quick action to stop creditors and collection agencies from harassing you. The Chapter 7 process is what many people think of when they hear the word bankruptcy, because it liquidates available assets, uses the funds to repay creditors and then discharges all nonexempt debts.  Using this powerful legal tool, our attorneys can help you overcome your financial burdens and look ahead with confidence.

Knowledgeable attorneys take positive steps to relieve your debt burden

In both personal and business bankruptcy matters, we help clients in the Fort Lauderdale area to:

  • Stop collection actions — Once we file your case with the bankruptcy court, an automatic stay is issued. This prevents collectors from taking further action against you until the court imposes an order. In addition to stopping harassment, it can also prevent service disruptions such as termination of water or power service.
  • Cancel burdensome obligations — Sometimes known as straight bankruptcy, Chapter 7 proceedings enable filers to escape from onerous debts once and for all.
  • Make a new start— Bankruptcy does not necessarily erase all of your financial responsibilities, but by discharging most types of debt, you can move forward on a solid foundation. We will help you cancel your nonexempt obligations and meet lingering debts for items such as taxes, child support and student loan payments.

During a free initial consultation, our lawyers can answer your questions and advise whether Chapter 7 liquidation is the best option or if you might be better served by an alternative such as Chapter 13 reorganization.

Dedicated advocates handle each stage of the Chapter 7 process

Our accomplished lawyers are well versed in all aspects of Chapter 7 liquidation and can advise clients on:

  • Eligibility — From the outset, we will help you determine whether you are eligible to obtain Chapter 7 status based on your income, assets and bankruptcy history. If you have too many available resources or have filed Chapter 7 in the last eight years, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a more feasible option.
  • Section 341 creditors’ meeting — Usually, the one time that you will have to go to court during the bankruptcy process is to attend the creditors’ meeting mandated by Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code. During this session, the bankruptcy trustee leads a conversation between you and your creditors to gain an informed perspective of your ability to pay specific debts.
  • Discharge — After available assets are sold and used to compensate remaining creditors, nonexempt debt obligations will be canceled and you will have the opportunity to rebuild your credit.

From start to finish, we provide the comprehensive legal support and personal attention that you deserve as you look to put your debt problems behind you.

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Miller, Hollander & Jeda represents clients in Plantation and throughout the Fort Lauderdale area in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and other types of debt relief matters. Please call 954-919-2187 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Plantation office.